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What is a Proxy?

A proxy server, commonly referred to as a proxy, is a computer that acts as the gateway between a network of computers (such as the ones found in the company) and a grand network, such as the internet. In essence, they are deciding factor on what gets to the internet and what gets to the local network. Because of this, proxy servers are commonly used as performance enhancers, security, and monitoring of the websites visited by the local network.

How does a Proxy Work?

By being the middleman between the local network and the grand network, a proxy works by blocking all connections between the two. When someone on a computer that is connected to a proxy decides they want to visit Google.com, they type in the URL and hit enter. Before they are brought to the website, the connection is transmitted to the proxy server. If Google.com was on a blacklist of websites for that particular network, the proxy would deny access.

However, if the site is not blocked, the proxy then guides it through a port and then shoots it out to the grand network. The site is then pulled up and sent back to the individual and the person can surf the web. All the information that comes from the local network to the proxy arrives in one port. The information is then divided out to other ports that lead to their respected sections of the grand network.

The way that a server acts as a performance enhancer is that it can typically cache websites that the user has visited. In theory, if someone wanted to go to Google.com, the proxy would cache that site so that, instead of having to process the query and then send it to the respected area, instead, the cache could be pulled up and it would cut the time down for the user. In small terms, this means very little to the user; however, if there are hundreds of people, this could mean significant time cut off of the final result.

How does a Proxy do Security?

Because the proxy is used as a connection between the grand network and the local network, nothing can get in either direction without first getting through the proxy. This includes hackers. This adds another significant step that the hacker must first get through before getting to the internal local network. A proxy can also be used as a firewall because of the added security it provides. In theory, what the proxy does is add another segment that must first be breached before the local network can be accessed.

Should a Proxy be used?

Any company that has a large network of local computers is often advised to get a proxy server for the simple fact that it can increase both performance and security. By providing another firewall, security is enabled. And, by caching web pages that are visited often, it cuts down on the loading time for different websites. In the efforts of saving money, adding security, and increasing the performance of the network, a proxy is, often times, a great investment.

How to Monetize Proxies

If you are interested in learning how to monetize proxies, this article will provide you with some very good ways to do so. Most people use Google Adsense to make money with their proxies. This is great, however there are many more ways to make money. Besides, unless you have a ton of traffic, your Adsense income may fluctuate and may not be very dependable. However, if you are committed to growing your proxy site and really promoting it, this is an excellent way to monetize it.

There are other brands similar to Adsense such as Chitika and the Yahoo Public Network. Be sure to take a look at all of them. Lately, Adsense has been shutting down accounts at will and with very little explanation, so keep these in mind in case you ever need a backup plan. Other great ways to make money with proxies is to sell banner and text link to other advertisers. You can charge more money if you receive a good deal of traffic. Therefore, be sure to spend ample time marketing your blog. You also may want to sell ad space on advertising networks such as Adbrite. Now that you know how to monetize proxies, go and make some money!

So in short, various ways to make money from a proxy,

Google Adsense - most popular
Text link ads
Banner ads - e.g. Adbrite, adtoll etc.
PPC networks like - Chitika, YPN, adbrite etc.

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